Amazon Kindle Grayscale Mod for Android

Here’s the Amazon Kindle Grayscale Mod for Android devices.

The thing is, I am a devoted ebook reader and I couldn’t find a grayscale effect in the official Kindle App for Android. Now that I didn’t get that thing, it immediately struck me that I should add the effect. And I couldn’t add the values to the app and code every bit of it – it would have wasted my time if I did so.

So I tweaked some strings to change the Sepia mode to Kindle Gray color and compiled the app.

Now I feel comfortable with reading the books, as the background is calm. Just a tip: lower your device’s brightness to get more comfort.


I’m making this Grayscale mod available to download for everyone.

It doesn’t work unless you uninstall the original Kindle app from your android device.

That means, you need to uninstall the Kindle app and then install my mod app, you cannot override it. That also means that the devices which come with no uninstall option for Kindle app, cannot use this (for the moment. I’ll try to fix this issue as soon as possible). There’s no harm in installing the modded version, as I haven’t done anything but replace the strings’ names and hex color codes.

Steps to Install the app:

1. Click on the image below to download the app for free. (It won’t take you to any kind of advertises, I promise.)

2. Uninstall the Kindle app installed in your device.

3. Install the modded apk (make sure you have enabled Unknown Resources in Settings>Accessibility of your device).

4. Open and sign up.

Done! You can now enjoy your read.


Aniruddha Pathak

Note: All the rights belong to Amazon; I just made this mod for your personal use. Do not commercialize it in any way.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Grayscale Mod for Android”

    1. Aniruddha Pathak

      Hello José,
      Thanks for bringing it to my notice! I have fixed the link now. Kindly click on the Download image again. 🙂

    1. Hello Bharath, there are certain issues with the signing of the app hence it doesn’t install on several devices. I am trying to fix it and will surely update you the soonest!

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