The Goal Keeper of 2018 by Aniruddha Pathak

A very happy new year to all of you! We all have now officially entered the year 2018!

A considerable amount of the world population must have made New Year resolutions, and the others would be following their daily schedule, without being disturbed by the fact that it is a new year and a new day now.

This is my first blog post of 2018. This year, I am more determined towards following my goals, one of which is blogging.

Now, as I browse through the internet and social media, I see many people asking for the importance of goals in their lives. Some of the people too have asked me that why goals are necessary in life. Well, let me break it down for you.

A goal is important so that we can chase it.

Chase is an eternal source of motivation for humankind. And just so we could stay pumped up to fetch the ambitions we dream about, a goal is very much necessary to follow its path and reach the peak.

Without an aim, we cannot determine what actions we should take. It’s unnecessary to have a big goal in the very start; it could be very small too. For example, your goal for the next day might be waking up early, or jogging for half hour more, or writing something that you had always wished to, etc.

And yes, without taking the primary baby steps, it’s difficult to walk a path that you always wanted to. Your vision only gets clear when you work on it and employ the required efforts. A stair—your goal—is necessary to climb the first step, but after that as you practice and evolve, you would understand what you want, better than the previous day.

I have seen people creating a sheet of the tasks to be carried throughout the month. Most of them fail to stay persistent and end up ruining their task list instead. One of the major reasons is the mood. Our moods are inconsistent, and hence that factor highly affects our working routine.

So what to do?

One of the things that I follow these days is to create a chart of daily goals. Every morning when I wake up, I note down the things that I have to wrap up and finish at the end of the day and start working on those. I know what had happened last night, so I plan the things as per my mood. If I am feeling down in the morning, the first thing that I practice is a task that motivates me and makes me happy. May it be doing something that I love, or talking with someone who helps me have a great morning. Then I keep adding goals as per my schedule. It’s not mandatory to have 4—5 goals each day. Even one goal is sufficient enough. It’s the satisfaction and perseverance that matters.

Aniruddha Pathak Author

And what if your mood is terribly down and it’s affecting you a lot? Trust me, even I feel like yelling the heck out of me and scream from the top of the world. But then, calmness is utmost necessary. Let me give you a few tips for the same.

  1. Listen to music that soothes you. You can even add inspirational songs to your playlist, or soul RnB songs. Those help on a great level.
  2. Do what you love for the moment. Do you love working? Work. Do you love dancing when no one’s watching? Put on your headphones, find a spot, and get going. Living for the moment, when the moment is for us, is one of the best ways to get out of your tensions.
  3. Be lazy at least for an hour in a day. Do nothing in those hours. Just cuddle in a bed, and listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite videos. Specifically the ones that make you laugh.
  4. Tell yourself that you are AWESOME! Because you are.

You are the creator of your path. Set goals, chase them. I wish you a great 2018 and a grand life ahead.

Keep reading. Keep smiling. Keep inspiring.


Aniruddha Pathak

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6 thoughts on “The Goal Keeper of 2018 by Aniruddha Pathak”

  1. This is indeed motivating! I have never made a to-do list. I will try that from tomorrow itself and let you know how it works for me.
    I guess listing my goals for the day in oen and paper would make me really go through it, that i am positive about!
    Thank you so much for a motivational read!

  2. Abhishek Purkar

    Great article brother. You have covered every single point that a person faces in his daily life. Also the tips you have shared are real good ones. I actually do the same and find myself with a fresh mind in an hour or two. Keep it up and keep writing such blogs and articles. Have a great and joyful year 2k18.

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