Canvas of a Storyteller

Aniruddha Pathak

Aniruddha Pathak

In this rapidly changing world, we come across many people around us. These people have many shades, some bright…some dark. They might want to let their feelings out, but they find it difficult to do so – and we term them different from the population. The diverse personalities sometimes make us wonder, what is hidden under their veil? They show a happy face, while hiding an agony beneath their expression. Some want to scream with happiness, but their voices are suppressed even before they could speak about it. Stand by the people who mention their sorrows, happiness, pains, agonies, and much more. You could relate to it, and find them talking to you. Peep into people’s diaries, their midnight loneliness, find them doing weird stuffs, read their confessions, hear to the conversations that they hold with me, and see them either rise up touching the sky or fall down to the ground. The people. Their stories. One storyteller.

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What Readers Say

All these stories made me relive some moments of the past or recollect some memories which my friends had shared. This book was one of the best books I've read till date. And I'm glad that I read it.
Pratiksha Pandey
This book gave me an insight of people, through few worlds and lots of feelings. Once I held the book, I wasn't keen on putting it down. I am REALLY glad for having added this book to my collection.
Debodipta Moitra
Every last character in the book either lives around you or is to some degree like you. These are our stories! It is an unquestionable requirement read. Simply give this book a shot. I adore it.
Cheshta Arora

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