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“As the solace stormed, words came for the rescue.”

About Me

Popularly regarded as the Author of Canvas of a Storyteller, Aniruddha Pathak is an Indian Author and Entrepreneur.

Writing happened at an early age to Aniruddha.

He began writing Marathi poems when he was 11 and has been evolving as a writer since then. He was introduced to the internet when he was 16, and has been an internet-enthusiast till date. He started blogging in 2014. After that, he moved towards Android and UI designing and tweaking, and became instantly popular in the respective circles. He actively participated in the XDA Developers Forum, constantly experimenting and writing Android tutorials. For the next one year, till the end of 2015, he blogged about various topics that revolved around Android and its theming.


Later Aniruddha was introduced to one of the writing groups on Facebook and that proved out to be a turning point for him. He immediately became an active member of several Indian Writing Groups, and also of a few International ones. Being an avid reader of Horror, he decided to step into writing in the same genre. After a while, his stories were dearly loved and gained a lot of support wherever he posted them. That boosted his confidence and he has been an active writer from that point. He solely credits his readers for helping him build as a writer and carry him towards the journey of being an Author. His debut, Canvas of a Storyteller, was also a result of the constant requests and nags of his readers, and hence Aniruddha has dedicated the book to every person who reads it.

Aniruddha is also an entrepreneur and constantly works on several online businesses together.

Alongside writing, Aniruddha takes great interest in website designing, graphic designing, and photography. He has mentored many people by now, and believes in helping more and more people. He wishes for a peaceful world, and tries his best to do whatever he can do for the same.

He’s grateful to everyone who has been a part of his life, long or short, and is grateful to you too.

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