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What people say?

Book Marketing? Blogging? Aniruddha is the best in both the businesses. He is my go-to person for blogging and marketing advice.
Saheli Chatterjee
An Indian Booktuber
Aniruddha has created a platform every curious writer seeks for. He is on the way to build his own Wikipedia for new age writers.
Vivaksh Singh
An Indian Author

Who is Aniruddha Pathak?

Popularly regarded as the Author of Canvas of a Storyteller, Aniruddha Pathak is an Indian Author and Entrepreneur.

He has been into the world of self-publishing, blogging, and online marketing for over four years and continues to take interest in learning and spreading knowledge about them. 

He accepts freelance projects on a regular basis. Website designing & SEO are his primary skills, but he also has a decent experience in graphic & cover designing and book marketing.

He wishes for a better world and spends most of his time helping and motivating people to progress in their lives.